Entertainingly Evil

From the Editor’s Lair by Jennifer Brozek

With just a month left to go, I expect to see an uptick in submissions for EGM.Shorts. This means a slightly longer response time as open story slots dwindle into nothing. But fear not, this is not the end of fiction on the EGM website. A new call for submission is coming. Something bigger and better as we evolve. I should post about it by the end of the year. In the meantime, we have months of EGM.Shorts to entertain you with.
Thoughts about the slush pile:
1. Reminder: EGM.Shorts closes to submissions on Oct 31, 2015.
For October, we have some wonderful alternate world stories for you to enjoy.
     “The Information I Possess” by Matthew Bernardo
     “Alien Girl: From the 11TH” by Lorraine Schein
     “The Travelling Carousel” by Jamie Lackey
     “Opposites and All That” by Gerri Leen
     “Performing Arts” by Alison McBain
     “Birthing Fire” by Dantzel Cherry
     “The Rarest Cut” by Aeryn Rundel
You can read all of our previous flash fiction at the EGM.Shorts Archive page.

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