Entertainingly Evil

From the Editor’s Lair by Jennifer Brozek

EGM.Shorts will run through April 2016. I am choosing the last of the stories over the next month. Then, I will announce the next endeavor Evil Girlfriend Media will embark upon. Look for a new call for submissions in January 2016.

The month of November is a month of transitions. As it turns out, this month’s unintended theme is all about transitions. Most of them growing darker than before.

“What the Dollhouse Said” by Karen Bovenmyer
“Contents of Care Package to Etsath-tachri, Formerly Ryan Andrew Curran (Human English Translated to Sedrayin)” by Holly Heisey
“Glass Future” by Deborah Walker
“The Smoking Nun” by Sarah Hans
“Why(Y)” by Sarah L. Johnson
“Terpsichore” by Dawn Vogel
“The Underground” by Rebecca Birch

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