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My Birthday: Holiday for Everyone! by Shannon Page

 No, I am not so egotistical as to believe that the whole world drops everything to celebrate my birthday…though when I was a child, the evidence did seem to point that way. I could walk up to any random door and knock on it, and people would hand me candy!

You see, I was born on Halloween night. Holiday birthdays may not always be the best news—think of the poor late-December babies, forever folded in with Christmas and New Year’s if they’re remembered at all—but Halloween? It’s a day when everyone dresses up, parties, and eats lots of chocolate, but the only one getting presents is me. (Along with my birthday-mates, I realize, now that I have finally met a few!)

A Halloween birthday is one that everyone remembers. Even in the days before Facebook, I got so many birthday wishes—cards and gifts and emails. It’s always made me feel special.

But the best part about a Halloween birthday is the spookiness. Goblins and ghosts and things that go bump in the night…all these things give me a thrilling shiver, and always have. It’s no accident that I write about witches and faeries and magic to this day. I think anyone born on Halloween must have a little extra something in their blood…we are, none of us, entirely normal.

I loved my birthday when I was seven; I love it at least as much now that I’m seven times seven. And looking forward to many more!

Shannon Page is a contributor to Naughty or Nice: A Holiday Anthology with her story, “The Longest Night of the Year.”


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