Entertainingly Evil

From the Editor’s Lair by Jennifer Brozek

At this point, all of EGM.Shorts submissions have been gone through, all acceptances and rejections sent, and all of the authors have been paid. If you are waiting for something from me in regards to EGM.Shorts, please let me know.

If you missed it, the next project we will be accepting submissions for is Speculate! This will be our monthly fiction feature after May 2016. Submissions open on 1 Feb 2016. Please read the guidelines carefully.

For January, we have a lovely selection of flash fiction for you to enjoy.

“Broken” By Gerri Leen
“Plot Problems” By Elaine Cunningham
“Tell Me” By Edward Ashton
“The Singer and the Song” By Manny Frishberg
“The Business is Dying” By Dantzel Cherry
“One Hundred Words” By Eneasz Brodski
“An Object Lesson in Misanthropy” By Michelle Ann King

You can read all of our previous flash fiction at the EGM.Shorts Archive page.

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