Entertainingly Evil

From the Editor’s Corner by Jennifer Brozek

Now that I’ve been reading the EGM Shorts slushpile for a couple of months, I’ve noticed a couple of interesting trends.

First, I haven’t received any zombie fiction. I’d like to see some interesting zombie stories. Ditto with general post apocalyptic stories. Ditto again with Mythos themed stories.

Second, there is a disturbing trend of stories where women are brutalized, then they turn into a variety of monsters, then they kill their abuser. About 10% of the stories I receive are along this theme. I do not like it. I do not want to read about violence towards women as a plot device to show that the woman is actually a monster and the EVIL MAN ™ gets his comeuppance. Do not send me these stories.

Third, I’m pleased with the gender balance of authors submitting stories. Keep it up. Thank you.

Here’s what we have coming for May.

MAY 2015
“Bad Toaster” by Pam Wallace
“The Marking” by Edd Vick
“The Crimson Sands” of Huo Xing by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt
“Heart of Steel” by Jeremy Szal
“Magic Life” by J.R. Johnson
“Inside” by Lorraine Schein
“Rats” by Sandra M Odell

See you next time around.

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