Entertainingly Evil

From the Editor’s Lair by Jennifer Brozek

I’ve read everything EGM.Shorts has received up to August 20th. If you have a story out that you sent in before July 1st and have not heard back, please query.
Thoughts about the slush pile:
     1. Reminder: if you are sending in a horror story, it must have a supernatural or sci-fi element to it. Too much of the horror I’ve received is straight horror that could happen in everyday life. That’s not what I want to read.
     2. Still looking for reprints. Just an FYI. I have almost none in my queue and half of what I buy is reprints. This means you have an excellent shot at making the sale. In particular, I’d like to see reprints from 2014 or before. I won’t accept reprints from 2015.
     3. I’m getting a lot of flash fiction right at or below 500 words. 500 words is the absolute minimum. I would prefer closer to 1000 words.
    4. EGM.Shorts will be closing to new submissions on October 31st, 2015.
Here’s what we have for September, including the longest story I’ve accepted from any author for EGM.Shorts. This month’s unexpected theme appears to be about pets.
     “Your Most Precious of Gifts” by Jason Lairamore
     “The Woman Who Loved Cats” by Matthew Spence
     “Stone Flowers” by Aidan Doyle
     “Lost in a Vacuum” by Miriah Hetherington
     “The Rescue” by Olli Crusoe
     “Destroy All Human Resource Departments” by Robert Quinlivan
     “Station 352A” by Wendy Nikel
You can read all of our previous flash fiction at the EGM.Shorts Archive page.

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