Entertainingly Evil

The Archivist

In 2052, Artificial Intelligence surpasses humans, and global technology collapses overnight. Thirty years later, primitive communities struggle to survive. Throughout this broken world, a secret organization called The Archives seeks to preserve what knowledge and technology has been left in the ashes. However, a Luddite cult-The Disciples of Earth-is just as determined to ensure there will be no technological rebirth for humankind.

Retrieval Archivist K’Marr’s mission seems : make contact with a source in a remote port town and trade vital technology that could secure humankind’s future.

But few retrievals are ever easy.

While keeping his promise to a dying man and avoiding Disciples who seem to know his every move, K’Marr fights to complete his mission and get back home to the woman he loves. Against the odds, The Archivist must do everything he can to return to The Archives.

Tom Wright serves up a fast-paced, post-apocalyptic adventure in a well-imagined world. The Archivist is the paper lovechild one might hope for after Burroughs and L’Amour spent a night playing Gamma World.” -Ken Scholes, Author of the Psalms of Isaak

The Archivist took me back to my childhood reading where awesome ruled and adventure was just a page turn away.“-J.A. Pitts, Author of The Sarah Jane Beauhall Series

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Edited by:

Chad Brink


Length: 304 pages
Dimensions: 6x9 inches





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