Entertainingly Evil

Murder Girls

Five college housemates-brainy Rachel, sporty Jessie, angry Darlene, quiet Gwen, and mysterious Annamaria.

One ordinary evening at home, engaged in their various pursuits-studying, showering, watching a program about serial killers.

Eight little words… “I bet we could get away with it.”

It was just an offhand remark. The next thing they know… there they are a body at their feet, and the pressure’s on to prove those eight little words.

After all, why wouldn’t they get away with it? Who’d suspect a bunch of coeds? They don’t fit the usual profile, or go for the usual kind of victims. They’re as smart, as strong, as cruel, and as capable as any serial killer out there.

It’s time for a little payback and a little revenge. It’s time for the local guys to learn about living in fear.

It’s time for the Murder Girls.

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