Entertainingly Evil

Six months into our first year.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of delivering proofs of our first book to the author. I think she may have been in shock at how surreal it feels to see her idea take a solid form. She thanked me for believing in her, and I thanked her for believing in Evil Girlfriend Media and me. This author along with several other writers encouraged me to take this idea and bring it to reality. It’s hard to believe that after all of the planning, coordinating, and multitudes of emails, Evil Girlfriend Media is still moving forward.

It’s even more inconceivable that we’ve closed all of the “Three Little Word” anthologies. The editors had a wide and varied selection of stories to choose from. I proudly stand behind each choice made by the editors. With that being said, it sucks to be rejected. For example, I begged my sister to write a story for one of the anthologies, she worked hard, edited, and submitted. To be fair to all of the other writers and the editor, I did not mention she was my sister. When the list was sent to me of the accepted names, she was not on it. I felt like the world was spinning around me. I was going to have to tell my sister, she didn’t make the cut. She accepted it gracefully and I’m so proud to call her my family. I’d also asked other writers and friends to submit to the different anthologies. Some of their names were not on the lists. I want to thank everyone who believed in us and submitted. Your faith in EGM overwhelms me. I hope that all those that submitted, including my sister, continue to submit stories to us.

Which leads me to the next topic, we are already receiving inquiries regarding our next anthology themes.  We will be taking a break on accepting short stories until at least mid-September. Our first novel will be coming out as well as all three anthologies within a short span of time.  We will give you some hints for spring themes, think androids and steampunk.

If you have not watched our short films on YouTube. I suggest you go take a peek. We worked with Rick Marson, the owner of ZOMs, to create these shorts with themes of vampires and witches. Stephanie Bissette-Roark, an author who will make her debut in Witches, Stitches, and Bitches played the role of witch with eery perfection. Our zombie short is still post-production.


Best Wishes,

Katie Cord





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