Entertainingly Evil

Monique Snyman

Editing: Roms, Bombs, and Zoms Anthology

Monique Snyman editor for Evil Girlfriend MediaMonique Snyman was born and raised in Pretoria, South Africa and is currently attending the University of South Africa (UNISA) to complete her degree in creative writing, whilst minoring in religion and ancient history. Prior to this, she attended the University of Pretoria where she studied archaeology, publishing, criminology, mythology, religion, IT and marketing. In the end, she followed her passion… writing.

Monique’s experience in the writing world includes having a published young adult fantasy novel called, “Charming Incantations: Enticed”, as well as various short stories in numerous anthologies. Her editing credentials extend to Rhiannon Mills’ novella, “The Demon King”, and Nathan Barnes’ zombie novel, “The R33PR Virus”, but she hopes to add many more titles to that list in the near future. She also edits university dissertations for hopeless law and business students in order to keep herself from starving. Additionally, Monique runs two review websites and tries her absolute best to update her writing blog as often as possible.

She’s vicious with a red pen, but all mad scientists are crazy one way or another. That being said, she’s always willing to lend an ear or to give a bit of feedback when she has the time… Even evil overlords have to give their minions a bit of love, no?