Entertainingly Evil



Katie Cord is the owner and president of Evil Girlfriend Media. Her passion is to provide entertainment that is smart, sexy, grotesque, intriguing and engaging to readers. She successfully funded a Kickstarter for the anthology, Women In Practical Armor in 2015, a book that breaks stereotypes about gender, fantasy tropes, and ageism.

She currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with her three rambunctious dogs and part-time cat. Besides publishing, she works as a nurse, and is attending Boston University’s Health Communications Master of Science program. In her limited free time, she likes to binge watch television series and spend time with her boyfriend, Timothy W. Long. She is the author of two books: He Left Her at the Altar, She Left Him to the Zombies and Maxine. You can find other short stories by her in GIVE: An Anthology of Anatomical Entries from When the Dead Books and Genus Loci from Ragnarok Publications.