Entertainingly Evil



Magic and mystery. Murder and mayhem. Join us once a month, as we feature dark speculative fiction stories that embody the EGM aesthetic. Editor: Jennifer Brozek.

This year enjoy the theme, Curiosity Killed the Cat. Who left this note? What does this button do? Where are those cries for help coming from? Why do we sprinkle salt around the house once a month? How did she get there? Magic and mystery. Murder and mayhem. Curiosity will lead to chaos, madness, mayhem, and a whole lot of badness.

Jun 2016 – Puppet Wrangling by Barbara A. Barnett
Jul 2016 – Whispers From the Sea by Ryan Anderson
Aug 2016 – The Night Artist by Brady Golden
Sep 2016 – God Sends Meat But the Devil Sends Cooks by Anne Bartles
Oct 2016 – The Periscope by Drew Williams
Nov 2016 – Cleanup in Aisle Eight by Josh Vogt
Dec 2016 – What It Means To Be a Siren by S. L. Saboviec
Jan 2017 – Hat and Stick by Holly Schofield
Feb 2017 – Hornets Attack Your Best Friend Victor and Other Things We Called the Band  by Peter M. Ball
Mar 2017 – The Lure of Lake 19 by David Erik Nelson
Apr 2017 – Titan’s Twins by Sean Patrick Hazlett
May 2017 – All Hell to Wake by Renee Stern
Jun 2017- Free Coffee, Compliments of Telford Nature Explorers of Washington by Jason B. Sizemore