Entertainingly Evil

So You’ve Decided to Adopt a Zeptonian Baby! by David Steffen

SO YOU’VE DECIDED TO ADOPT A ZEPTONIAN BABY! Whether you are adopting by chance because you found the smoking crater on your property or whether you volunteered for the Zeptonian Childcare Service, congratulations and thank you!  There is no more rewarding choice you will make in your lifetime. But keep in mind that the #1 […]


Red Shoes of Oz by David Steffen

Despite her misgivings, Dorothy carefully slipped the sparkling red shoes from the shriveled corpse.      “Go on,” the Good Witch encouraged in a voice like chiming bells.  “Your old shoes will never last the journey in their condition.”      Still Dorothy hesitated.      “I was once a young lady myself, you know,” the Good Witch […]

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