Entertainingly Evil

Vengeance for Captain Phenomenal by Megan Neumann

Yeah, she’d heard about the Captain—how they’d stripped him, tortured him, made him beg before robbing him of his glory and his life. Gemini didn’t care. Why should she? Captain Phenomenal was her enemy. For years he’d tried to thwart her. Every robbery she’d attempted, he’d been there, floating above her in the sky with […]


Memory Boxes by Pam L. Wallace

Sara sat on the floor, surrounded by boxes of shiny-grained wood, one ear attuned, as always, to Darrell’s breathing, holding her own breath each time his stuttered—waiting, waiting for his next breath so she, too could breathe again. He lay on the bed, curled into a near-fetal position. All that was left of the man […]


Under a Wing and a Prayer by Alan Baxter

I remember my grandfather’s face, even though he died when I was three. Mum said he used to hold me for hours nearly every night and whisper in my ear, too quietly for her to hear what he said. But I recall word for word what he told me. It’s why I’m standing here, a […]


Smart Money by Samuel Marzioli

Harold Lewis entered the liquor store, a decrepit old space that was as dusty and unkempt as it was gaudy. Seasonal decorations lined scuffed and holed walls, along with advertisements featuring alcohol and scantily clad girls in semi–erotic poses. Far from an oddity, it was indicative of the kind of slum the Mars colony had […]


The Sin Collector By Sarina Dorie

“Have you any sins?” the old man’ creaky squeak of a voice largely went unheard in the chaos of the market. He shuffled his twisted frame past the basket makers and fruit venders, one hand on his cane, the other holding out his cup for money. “Penance for sale. Has anyone any sins for me?” […]


Without A Trace By Jeremy Szal

One minute my professor was ranting on about patterns of chemical dynamics. The next minute he disappeared. Poof. Gone. Vanished in the blink of an eye. It was the first time it happened. And it wouldn’t be the last. Everyone thought it was funny. Somehow our dour, lazy professor had pulled off a magic trick […]


From the Editor’s Lair by Jennifer Brozek

Speculate! is going strong. I’m seeing a lot of submissions, but I get the feeling that not everyone is reading the guidelines. All horror must have a clear supernatural element and I want stories of at least 4000 words. My poor slush reader is telling me slush pile horror stories. Try not to be one […]


High as a Power Line By Chris Galford

It was never easy coming down. Saya lay back in her bath tub, dragging soft-bubbled water droplets up her skin. Where her nails met hair, she tingled and cooed, or she had—the sensation was deadening. She blinked. The water was cool, cooling—still a pleasant sensation, but not right. She so rarely got to feel warmth. […]


“Are You Receiving?” by Rebecca Birch

Galactic Standard Date 11657.3. Planetfall succesful.  Atmosphere breathable, as anticipated from earlier analysis.  Base establishment under way, following standard protocol.  Work is slow, given we’re a five-man crew, but no unanticipated challenges yet reported.Landscape is surreal.  Frozen drifts and billows, like snow back home, but when you look just off of straight there are rainbow […]


INCIDENTAL By David Versace

Everything changed for Benji when he hit puberty and lost his incidental music. Growing up, he was no different to any other kid. He played the same games, ate the same food and he was followed everywhere by the same simplistic, cheerful party pop. Sure, there were times when he ran through some minor keys, […]

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