Entertainingly Evil

>SYS REBOOT by Holly Heisey

5. The bar is full of violet smoke which shakes to the green of rave light. I pluck out the tune on my eight-stringed electrolin, shimmering the smoke with every touch. This is my bar. 4. A man walks into the bar, hulking pistol on his belt. He sniffs the air–all cardamom and bad wine–and […]


Contents of Care Package to Etsath-tachri, Formerly Ryan Andrew Curran (Human English Translated to Sedrayin) by Holly Heisey

In this package: 1. Three letters. (With our instructions on opening order, per Human dating system.) 2. One musical instrument, harmonica. 3. One plastic package containing three toothbrushes. 4. One tube of toothpaste. 5. One cloth Earth mammal, bear (unsure of further classification), filled with synthetic material. (We are sorry for the lack of symmetry, […]

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