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The Twelve Days of Bookmas By S.G. Browne

When I was a young boy, I preferred the company of my television or my collection of Hot Wheels to books. Also, when it came to going to the library or to a bookstore, I either broke out in hives or came up with an excuse to avoid having to go inside. But as I […]


Not My Normal Story by Lucy A. Snyder

My story in Naughty and Nice is entitled “The Toymaker’s Joy”… and it’s a bit of a departure from the kinds of stories my readers are used to seeing from me. But I wrote it straight from the part of my little weird heart that still adores Christmas and everything that the holiday represents. Christmas […]


The Odd Joys of Holiday Traditions by Josh Vogt

When I was two years old, my dad and I made a tree-topper for our Christmas tree. That is to say, I mostly watched while he constructed a star out of cardboard and tinfoil. Then he put me on his shoulders so I could reach the top and actually place it there. Over the years, […]


My Birthday: Holiday for Everyone! by Shannon Page

 No, I am not so egotistical as to believe that the whole world drops everything to celebrate my birthday…though when I was a child, the evidence did seem to point that way. I could walk up to any random door and knock on it, and people would hand me candy! You see, I was born […]


Cover and TOC of Naughty Or Nice: A Holiday Anthology

Foreword by Jennifer Brozek “Cold Dead Turkey” by Kevin J. Anderson “Mistletoe” by Jody Lynn Nye “Coming up the Chimney Tonight” by Josh Vogt “The Kwanzaa Kid” by Maurice Broaddus “Letters To Santa (From the Arctic Academy for Gifted Creatures)” by S.G. Browne “The Longest Night of the Year” by Shannon Page “Passing the Torch” […]

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