Entertainingly Evil

“The Lure of Lake 19” by David Erik Nelson

Tate didn’t like how the kid was acting. The teenaged male in the second-hand cruiser’s back seat—who could produce no ID, but had given the moderately improbable name of “Jamal Kartazian”—was far too compliant. As a rule, kids like this—scrawny white boys with lumpy dreadlocks and grimy hoodies—were a spewing font of the Three Bs: […]


“Hornets Attack Your Best Friend Victor and Other Things We Called the Band” by Peter M. Ball

Selby showed up for class with pink hair. I sat behind her, ignoring the lecturer drone on about Deleuze and rhizomes and hypertext. There were thirty-two students taking Contemporary Issues in the Arts, maybe twenty of them who actually showed up for class every week. I’d gotten to know the regulars, over the first few […]


“Hat and Stick” By Holly Schofield

I followed Max’s blinking red arrow along the oyster shell beach. He chose the route perfectly for my mood: upslope of the high tide detritus, away from the noisy picnickers, around the slipperiest of the rocky outcrops. But, then, Max was a peach among implanted jeeves. A true companion. “I should have worn a hat,” […]


“What It Means To Be a Siren” by S. L. Saboviec

Felola and I used to be close. Really, really close. To say we were lovers is an understatement. We were more than lovers. We were inseparable. We were best friends. So this whole thing is my fault, really. I got tipsy—not drunk, since that’s pretty much impossible with my constitution—and thought it was a good […]


“Cleanup in Aisle Eight” by Josh Vogt

Anji planted her mop like a spear and looked up at the grocery store manager. She tried to envision herself as a warrior preparing to stride onto the field of battle. It didn’t help that the manager loomed over her mousey figure the way a siege tower might right before smashing a lone foot soldier […]


“The Periscope” by Drew Williams

The train rattles around me. The sound is constant, unending. You’d think I’d be used to it by now. I’m not. I’d always found something vaguely funereal about the noise; like Jacob Marley’s chains clanking in Scrooge’s bedroom. I remember wondering if I was the last person alive who knew that story. For a moment, […]


“God Sends Meat But the Devil Sends Cooks” by Anne Bartles

They put a tiny bit of cocaine in the food, or so the rumors said. Even the biggest food snobs agreed that dinner at The Basement was worth the insane, nonrefundable, pre-paid price. In doing his preliminary research, Jeff had heard another rumor too. Some people thought the appetizer, “The Heart of the Sea,” was […]


“Whispers from the Sea” by Ryan Anderson

“Don’t touch me, you freak!” I didn’t have to look to know what had happened. Billy had offered to help carry her gear back to the car. Divemasters make their money in tips, and guests appreciate a hard working divemaster. But Billy had reached for her bag without waiting for a response. As I looked […]


“Puppet Wrangling” by Barbara A. Barnett

Jonah peered into the puppet pit. Wooden heads turned up in unison, greeting him with painted, blank-eyed stares. Creepy as hell, yet even after all the weird shit Jonah had seen dealing stolen spells on the streets, the puppets fascinated him like nothing else ever had—the mime with the monocle and the overly red lips; […]

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