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Feed the Zombies! An All You Can Read Event

Our good friend, Tim W. Long is hosting an event of epic zombie proportion, and we just couldn’t pass up the chance to share in such a great deal for zombie fans. On November 27th, we’ll be offering Roms, Bombs & Zoms for 99 cents along with books by some of the best names in […]


Three Little Words Authors Read Three Little Paragraphs

Over the next couple of months, many of the authors included in the Three Little Words anthology series will be reading three paragraphs from their stories. We think this is a great way for you to meet our authors. We’re starting with Patrick D’Orazio’s story, “Until the End” from Roms, Bombs, and Zoms.  This is […]


Table of Contents released for Roms, Bombs, and Zoms

On November 1, 2013, Evil Girlfriend Media plans to release a romantic, explosive, and incredibly undead anthology that will have you laughing, crying, and possibly gagging through out.  Our editor, Monique Snyman, chose stories that entertained her while bringing all three of the elements of the title together in unique ways. We are so proud […]


Six months into our first year.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of delivering proofs of our first book to the author. I think she may have been in shock at how surreal it feels to see her idea take a solid form. She thanked me for believing in her, and I thanked her for believing in Evil Girlfriend Media and me. […]


Editor Monique Snyman talks about zombies

Zombies:  The Good, the Bad, and the Hungry Zombies come in all shapes and sizes and writers typically make sure to put their own twist on the undead, but whether zombies are slow and sluggish or whether they can sprint the one hundred meters in ten seconds flat, one thing that basically all of zombie […]

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