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APRIL 2015

Mistakes Were Made” by Premee Mohammed
In the Beginning” by Alisha A. Knaff
Aunt Merkel” by Deborah Walker
The Invaders” by Eric Guignard
The Two Pickpockets” by M. Todd Gallowglas


MAY 2015

Bad Toaster” by Pam Wallace
The Marking” by Edd Vick
The Crimson Sands of Huo Xing” by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt
Heart of Steel” by Jeremy Szal
Magic Life” by J.R. Johnson
Inside” by Lorraine Schein
Rats” by Sandra M Odell


JUNE 2015

Target Audience” by H.L. Fullerton
Sweet Nothings” by Wendy Hammer
Roses are Forever” by Rebecca Fung
In Flight Service” by Edward Ahern
The Ghosts of Second Children” by G.G. Silverman
Good Intentions” by Gerri Leen
Border” by Jennifer R. Povey


JULY 2015

Nocturnus” by Jess Landry
Maintenance” by Elaine Cunningham
Draft Letter on Research Potential Suggested by Recent Findings in Gnome Genomics, by Simsoran the Frequently Cited, Reviewed by Artamixiana the Cantankerous” by Marissa Lingen
Disconnect” by L.R. Bonehill
The Dirty Nest” by Sarah Hendrix
A Measure of Sorrow” by Charity Tahmaseb
Boundless Restraint” by Jeremiah Murphy
Elizabeth’s Pirate Army” by Caroline M. Yoachim



Lightning Flashed” by Adam Gaylord
Red Shoes of Oz” by David Steffen
Not the Pizza Girl” by Michelle Ann King
Smelly Dogs” by Chris Barili
Sibyl” by Deborah Walker
Uniformity” by David Boop
Frozen Tears” by Chaitali Gawade



Your Most Precious of Gifts” by Jason Lairamore
The Woman Who Loved Cats” by Matthew Spence
Stone Flowers” by Aidan Doyle
Lost in a Vacuum” by Miriah Hetherington
The Rescue” by Olli Crusoe
Destroy All Human Resource Departments” by Robert Quinlivan
Station 352A” by Wendy Nikel



The Information I Possess” by Matthew Bernardo
Alien Girl: From the 11TH” by Lorraine Schein
The Travelling Carousel” by Jamie Lackey
Opposites and All That” by Gerri Leen
Performing Arts” by Alison McBain
Birthing Fire” by Dantzel Cherry
The Rarest Cut” by Aeryn Rudel



What the Dollhouse Said” by Karen Bovenmyer
Contents of Care Package to Etsath-tachri, Formerly Ryan Andrew Curran (Human English Translated to Sedrayin)” by Holly Heisey
Glass Future” by Deborah Walker
The Smoking Nun” by Sarah Hans
Why(Y)” by Sarah L. Johnson
Terpsichore” by Dawn Vogel
The Underground” by Rebecca Birch



The Girl with the Piccolo” by Charity Tahmaseb
The Smart Thing To Do” by Rati  Mehrotra
Low-City Life” by David G. Blake
Collectibles” by Bethany Gray
“Eight Pieces of Losing You” by Samantha Murray
“The Gift” by Stuart Suffel
So You’ve Decided to Adopt a Zeptontian Baby” by David Steffen



Broken” By Gerri Leen
Plot Problems” By Elaine Cunningham
Tell Me” By Edward Ashton
The Singer and the Song” By Manny Frishberg
The Business is Dying” By Dantzel Cherry
One Hundred Words” By Eneasz Brodski
An Object Lesson in Misanthropy” By Michelle Ann King



The Hat” By Barry King
Alienated” By Sylvia Spruck Wrigley
Human Through and Through” By K. A. Rochnik
One Hundred Years” By Gerri Leen
Incidental” By David Versace
Are You Receiving” By Rebecca Birch
High as a Power Line” By Chris Ga1ford


MARCH 2016

Without a Trace” by Jeremy Szal
The Sin Collector” by Sarina Dorie
Smart Money” by Samuel Marzioli
Under a Wing and a Prayer” by Alan Baxter
Memory Boxes” by Pam L. Wallace
Vengeance for Captain Phenomenal” by Megan Neumann
Touring Test” by Holly Schofield


APRIL 2016

>SYS REBOOT” by Holly Heisey
A Dance to End Our Final Day” by Beth Cato
I Am Your Heartbeat” by Heather Roulo
Automatic Sky” by Stephen S. Power
Suicide Bureau” by Eric Fritz
The White Snake” by Laurie Tom
The Tape Library” by Josh Roseman

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