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Evil Girlfriend Media 

The art and writing of Katie C.

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A pair of sisters become unsuspecting midwives for an otherworldy fetus. A pumpkinhead shaped pair of scissors will always kill those who cross them. An insecure girlfriend finds out her perfect boyfriend has his own hang-ups that are far more complicated than her cellulite. A sorority girl's cocaine fueled night goes horribly wrong set to the tune of some of the 1980s most popular songs.


Katie Cord explores the bizarre, curious, and absolutely terrifying world of femininity in these twelve short stories.

"A wild mix of body, supernatural, and atmospheric horror in both rural and urban settings. Some stories shock with terror, others are eerily enchanting, and some will make one laugh with gallows humor." 

Elizabeth Guizzetti, Author of Accident Among Vampires Or What Would Dracula Do?

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