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The art and writing of Katie C.

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Katie Cord is an artist and writer. She currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with the greatest husband anyone could have, Timothy W. Long, four rambunctious dogs, one evil cat, and Tim's two kids. In her free time, she likes to binge watch television series while painting or drawing and spend time with Timothy W. Long (even if it is just going to Costco). Her first collection of short stories, He Left Her at the Altar, She Left Him to the Zombies is available on Amazon as well as her coming of age zombie tale, Maxine. 


1. Will you publish my book? 

            I am no longer publishing anyone but myself. I want to work on more projects in the future such as anthologies, but I will not be publishing single author books. 


2. Why do you want to do art AND write?

            I'm not really sure. I love creating! I'm my best and happiest when working on creative projects. I'm also pretty keen at science so I have to express all of those things to fulfill myself. 

3. Where do you get your ideas for stories?

           I usually will have a flash of a person, a voice, or an image in my mind and then it just goes from there. In a recent story for When the Dead Books' anthology GIVE, I heard a woman with a thick Eastern European accent say, "Is it better to have one nut or two?"  The story sort of went pretty gruesome from there. As I have evolved as a creator, it can now be an object, a scent, or just about anything that inspires me. 


4. When do you plan to release your next book?

         The short answer is that I have no idea. I'm working on a lot of things professionally. Follow my fan page on Facebook or check here, I'll let you know.  


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